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MML Analys & Strategi AB is a consulting firm focusing on management support through process development, decision-making support through mathematical analysis and simulation. Assignments are often innovative. 

Contact person Mats B-O Larsson. 

Mats B-O Larsson has a long experience in developing models concerning social costs. Some of them are mentioned below: 



The assignments normally comprises new ideas and developing new models. 

A commission from the Swedish Energy Agency resulted in a novel model called the Network Performance Assessment Model (“Nätnyttomodellen”). Mats B-O Larsson is the originator as well as the developer of this model. The commission comprised all phases from the first idea to the final developed model. The development resulted in a new legislation, a new model and a new regulation, a so called Performance Based Regulation. (Wikipedia) 

A commission from the Ministry of Finance resulted in a new to tool for the Customs that by now is spread all over the world (the so called Stairway®) and used by the Customs . The Stairway is originated by Mats B-O Larsson and developed by the Swedish Customs. 

Several commissions from the Swedish Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Industry 

Several commissions from the Swedish Military and the Swedish Customs 

Several commissions from private companies, mostly electrical distribution companies  comprising benchmarking and efficiency analyses.   




Articles and thesis

Larsson, M. B-O, ”The Network Performance Assessment Model - A new framework of regulating the Electricity Network Companies”, Licentiate Thesis KTH, Department of Electrical Engineering, TRITA-ICS-0501, 2005.  Abstract     PDF 

Larsson, M. B-O, “The Network Performance Assessment Model - Regulation with a Reference Network”, Proceedings of Market Design Stockholm, 2003.   PDF

Gammelgård M. and Larsson M. B-O., “The challenge of regulating natural monopolies in electrical distribution, experiences from Sweden”, Proceedings of CIRED 2003.  PDF                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Bertling L., Larsson, M. B-O,  Wallnerström C J: "Evaluation of the customer value of component redundancy in electrical distribution systems", Power Tech, 2005 IEEE Russia    PDF


One boarder One Agency (In Swedish, "En Gräns En Myndighet", SOU 1998:18)    PDF

Larsson M., Stahl T: Statens dolda kapital. Aktivt ägande: exemplet Vattenfall  (In Swedish, Ds 1990:36) 

CV Mats B-O Larsson 


Tech. Lic. of Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology in  Stockholm, 2005 

M.Sc., (Engineering Physics), Royal Institute of Technology in  Stockholm, 1980 

Executive Development Program, IFL at Stockholm School of Economics, 1996  

Courses in Law and Economics at the University of Stockholm


Consultant, MML Analys & Strategi AB from 1997 

Technical director  Södertälje Municipal 1991-1996 

Financial Analyst,  Hagströmer  & Qviberg Investment Banking 1990 

Head of Section, Ministry of Industry, 1983-1989 

Developer of hard- and software, Almex AB 1981-82 

Research Engineer, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm 1980-1981 

Member of Boards of Directors 

Chairman of the Board of Directors of  Lyckeby Research Foundation   2005-2017 

Member of the Board of Directors of  Lyckeby Starch AB (a global Starch Producer)   2005-2017 

Member of the Board of Directors of  Culinar AB (a global Starch Producer)   2005-2017 

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Telge Energi Nät AB (Electrical Distribution Company)   2007-2014


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